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Rather-Be-Hunting Guy™ (aka DALE), is the outdoors industry's homegrown comic character serving as a voice for sportsmen who work too much and hunt too little!  He is based on the many guides and sportsman encountered over a 25-year period by the folks at Limit Out LLC, brand owner of DALE.


You can guess a lot about DALE from his slogan…

DALE is addicted to his sport, usually out of cash, weak on hygiene, and has a string of failed dating relationships because his girlfriends get tired of how much time he spends in the woods. DALE doesn't think much of traditional jobs, or take much to suburban life, because he would rather be running a hunting lodge somewhere out West.  Too bad he hasn’t been able to make that happen.  He works long hours at a low-level office job, but most of the time he is daydreaming about his sport.
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My Channel

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He’s got a couple of full color comic books that have mostly been sold for gift occasions.
Just for fun, DALE has also made a few videos featured on the home page of this site, and offers some memorable G-rated limericks every now and then.

Here’s what fans have offered (along with some celebrity “nods”):


"In a word, hysterical....."


"I Love It!"

"There should be a TV sitcom based on DALE..."

"Hollywood loves DALE..." (Product placement)


"DALE is just like my Dad/Brother in Law/Myself..."

"DALE's bobblehead is sure to be an instant classic with the orange and camo crowd..

"Man, that is some kind of cool...."

On the serious side, DALE has sponsored some worthwhile causes such as:


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