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To thank DALE's fan base, and to demonstrate his online appeal, DALE jokingly ran for President online during the 2016 campaign.

Here was his platform, which sounds a whole lot like his personal code:

DALE's "presidential ads" created some great stats and demonstrate his immediate appeal to certain audiences:


The messaging was seen by almost 2 million people


The click thru rate was approximately 3.5X above the industry average


More than 30,000 fans took the time to show support

of DALE by clicking "I THINK DALE ROCKS!" with no incentive

Even though DALE is not yet known by all, he has an obvious face value appeal to various audiences to include sportsmen, those who wish they were more like sportsmen and those shopping for sportsmen.  By the way, females in DALE's target audience like DALE almost as much as the men do.

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